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Case study: Repairing a faulty burglar alarm

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We answered an SOS from Hopgrove Playing Fields Association, home to Heworth Football Club and Huntington Junior FC on Malton Road in York. They had a faulty burglar alarm where the keypad was showing an error but the user didn’t know the code and was therefore unable to reset the system. This is an all-too-familiar story in our line of work!


For the past 20 years, Electric City has been helping organisations of all sizes keep their people and businesses safe.

We cover all aspects of business security, and can create a tailor-made security system to suit any company’s premises, including emergency lighting. We supply and fit security alarms for all types of businesses: warehouses, offices, hotels, restaurants and other business premises.

Electric City also supplies and installs fire alarms from Emergi-Lite, Gent & Menvier to British Standards. Our fully certified and trained engineers are able to inspect, test and service commercial security and fire alarm systems in the York and North Yorkshire area in accordance with British safety standards.

We provide the relevant documentation following each service, and can also give general advice about your alarm systems.


When we investigated Hopgrove’s burglar alarm, we soon discovered there was no voltage from the Printed Circuit Board (PCB) to the Passive Infrared Sensors (PIRS).

We also found that the internal speakers had already been disconnected. We suspect someone had already investigated this and done nothing with it or found out it was too expensive to rectify.

We are always mindful of costs to customers and always try to come up with the best value solution for each individual client. We supply and install state-of-the-art technology at realistic prices and pride ourselves on not being beaten on price, quality or service.

We have since purchased a replacement PCB from Ebay and are in the process of replacing it and re-programming the system, as well as changing the user and engineer codes.

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Alongside routine testing, we also offer a 24-hour emergency call-out service. Contact us here for more information.